The Finnish Music Video Contest

Registration for the 30th Finnish Music Video Competition is now open. The last day to send your videos is Tuesday 6th of June. Decisions on whether your video makes it to the competition series or is screened in the showcase series will be made by the first copy you send. The final copy that will be screened at the festival and seen by the jury of the competition must be sent by 14th of July.


All videos made by Finnish directors that have not been screened at the festival can be sent. Videos made by Finnish directors for international artists can also participate.

The sent videos will be divided into the competition and showcase series. The competition series will be split into separate screenings by themes. All music videos will be screened at the festival. All videos also participate in the voting for the audience award and will also be archived into OMVF’s Finnish music video archive (the world’s largest one!). At present the archive holds 6657 videos made between 19942022.

The winners will be awarded at the awards gala Pumpeligala on the 26th of August, which takes place at Rio. The jury comprises of movie and music video director Taito Kawata, director and photographer JIRINA and the founder and owner of production company Kameron Juho Harjula.

The best video will be awarded the Kultapumpeli, best cinematography will receive the Linssipumpeli and the most accomplished post-production will be awarded the Postpumpeli. The judges will also award four honorary mentions and the most promising young director will receive the Teinipumpeli. The audience will vote on the recipient of the Kansanpumpeli. All videos will also be archived into the world’s largest archive of Finnish music videos.

The winner will receive 3000 euros awarded by Fotonordic. The best new director will win a prize from Toast. The best post-production wins a prize from Hifistudio and Aalto Speakers. The best cinematography wins a equipment rental prize from Valofirma and Kamerafirma with 2000 euros. The audience award winner will win a special prize from R-Collection. The awards themselves are made by artist Heidi Kesti.

On top of all this four videos will win honorary mentions and MES, The Finnish Music Foundation, will award 2000 euros for the person who has done the most to further Finnish music videos.

The Oulu Music Video festival will be held from the 24th to the 27th of August, and is part of Oulu August Festival.