Self Help with Roos Hekkens

Friday, August 26 16:00 | Valvesali | €5

What does it mean to be happy? How do we find help in an ever expanding labyrinth of self-help books and guides to a better life? Our ideas about happiness and self have become as superficial as the illusion of film. This selection of music videos takes us on a journey to find out who we really are. They show a variety of ways to connect to yourself, because isn’t that the only thing you have in the end? By watching these music videos Hekkens hopes to help herself understand that the meaning of happiness doesn’t exist.

As a curious academic writer Hekkens has been interested in how she can understand the absurdity of the world we live in by the means of the illusion of film. Hekkens has a Masters Degree in Popular Culture and likes to ask questions about everything she experiences. This year’s program came about because she needed help picking a self help guide, and realized there is only one guide that can help her.