Silakkalounge x KRO

AUGUST 24 - AUGUST 27 | Kulttuuritalo Valve | Valveen Paljetti

Silakkalounge, already a festival tradition, takes place this year once again! Silakkalounge offers a great place for relaxing, eating and enjoying music, as DJs take over the stage of Valve’s very own restaurant-café.

Silakkalounge is held as a collaboration with Kulttuuriradio Oulu. KRO is a local internet radio founded in 2021, that hosts nearly thirty unique and independent radio shows. Local DJs will be playing at Silakkalounge from Thursday to Sunday and the sets will be also streamed through KRO’s web radio. The physical setting for Silakkalounge is at Kahvila-Ravintola Paljetti, located in the main venue of the festival, Kulttuuritalo Valve.

Get into the festive atmosphere, either by coming down to Silakkalounge or by tuning in at www.kro.fm!

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