Music Video Screenings

Roos Hekkens - Progress

Friday, August 25 16:00 | Valvesali | €5

In the times we live in, we are increasingly able to measure our progress. We count our steps, we micromanage our time schedules and algorithms know our interests better than our moms do. Oulu Music Video Festival has kept up with 3 decades of progress in audiovisual media. When we grow older and reach milestones, it is meaningful to look back at the past and remember how we imagined the future. Does progress always mean change or do things eventually stay the same? Is bigger, stronger, faster always better? This selection of music videos pairs early music videos from the 80s and 90s with very recent ones to see what progress has been made. They show developments in technology and storytelling but at the same time reveal that some ideas and aesthetics have remained. By watching these music videos I hope to treasure the past, change the future and most of all to find meaning in the present.
- Roos Hekkens

Roos Hekkens is a curious academic writer who has been interested in how she can understand the absurdity of the world we live in, by means of the illusion of film. Hekkens has a Masters Degree in Popular Culture and likes to ask questions about everything she experiences. This year’s program came about when she realised that as we aim for progress, we often find connections with the past.

Roos Hekkens is present at the screening
Screening is hosted in English

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