Music Video Screenings

Retrospective: Taito Kawata

Saturday, August 26 13:00 | Valvesali | €5

Taito Kawata started his audiovisual career studying sound design. The desire to be in charge of the project eventually made him set his sights on becoming a director. This self-taught director decided to fully dedicate himself to directing once he opened his own production company in 2007. First specialising in commercial video production, Kawata has later gone on to direct music videos that have gained awards at OMVF for artists like Elastinen, Gracias and Ruudolf, as well as a documentary about JVG, one of the biggest Finnish rap acts. Kawata is also the director behind the first ever Finnish Netflix show, Dance Brothers, which launched on Netflix in May 2023. In his master class, Kawata will showcase his work and open up about his creative process when working on audiovisual projects.

Taito Kawata is present at the screening

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