Little Richard: I Am Everything

Lisa Cortes, USA, 2023 | Thursday, August 24 17:00 | Valvesali | €8 English | Finnish subtitles | 101 min | PG-12

Little Richard was an influencial figure ahead of his time. His music laid the foundation for rock and roll in the 50s. Little Richard: I Am Everything dives deep into the icon’s complicated inner-world, with all its contradictions. Through interviews with family and musicians as well as black and queer scholars, the movie brings light to Litte Richard the artist as well as human. The Guardian's four-star review has praised this film as richly enjoyable in its way of examining the alter egos and theories surrounding the conflicted star who was lightyears ahead of his time. Today he is remembered as a great queer artist, but although he gave his audiences permission to be themselves, he was never able to give himself the same freedom. People tried to put him in a box, but he contained multitudes – he was unabashedly everything.

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