Music Video Screenings

Kaarne Fredriksson & Paula Nousiainen: Queer people in hip hop

Friday, August 25 14:00 | Studio | €5

Juiciness, gorgeousness, play, styles, liberation, joy, celebration, community, hype things!!!!!!!

Through these overlaps and their folds, uncountable amounts of queer hip hop gems have been found and some of them will be seen in this screening. This screening hopes to bring amazing creators to the surface and to celebrate hip hop, queerness, freedom, rebellion, black culture and history as well as question the white and male perspective.
In the making of this screening, the curators have been inspired by crazy visual worlds, bounce, the practice of collective learning, flow, love and sensuality as well as fashion.

The curators of this screening, Kaarne Fredriksson (they/them) and Paula Nousiainen (she/he/they) are not only roommates, colleagues and friends, but also dancers, gay, fans of music videos and hip hop enthusiasts. Important to note: both are white visitors to hip hop culture. This perspective is good to acknowledge during the screening.

Content warnings from the curators: nakedness, swearing, slurs in lyrics, references to racism and queerphobia, sexual imagery

Recommended age limit: PG13

Kaarne Fredriksson & Paula Nousiainen are present at the screening

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