Music Video Screenings

Juho R. A. Lähdesmäki: Machine Dreams, AI in music videos workshop

Friday, August 25 16:00-19:00 | Kulttuurilaboratorio | Free entry

Artificial intelligence is everywhere! As the use of AI in society and art becomes more prevalent, we dive deep into its fascinating world with Juho R. A. Lähdesmäki, maker of one of the world’s first AI music videos. Lähdesmäki’s workshop dives deep into the world of artificial intelligence and presents practical ways of making AI music videos. Advanced text-to-picture AI codes open new and exciting creative possibilities for music video creators. What tools can one use to make these videos, and what is the future of music video in an AI-world?

Lecture at 16:00
Workshop at 18:00

Lecture and workshop in Finnish

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