Jaakko Keso

Thursday, August 24 19:00 | Kulttuurilaboratorio | Free entry

Jaakko Keso examines the world through conversations with people. This Helsinki-based video journalist has gained a large following through social media. In his documentary-like videos, Keso approaches different kinds of interesting people, topics and events in his own personal way. His interest in explanatory journalism stems from his child-like curiosity about the surrounding world. Working at Yle Kioski, his journalistic videos have tackled subjects such as Finnish memes, the Extinction Rebellion and Convoy Finland, as well as the Ukranian war. His hope is that he could make the world even a little better, by making people understand each other through his informative videos. This year OMVF is screening some of Keso’s documentary videos for our festival audience.

"Helsingissä nousee ug-bileiden uusi aalto" and "RIP JONNE aka MKDMSK 1997-2019" will be screened.

Jaakko Keso present at the screening.

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