Franco Rosso, UK, 1980 | Friday, August 25 20:00 | Valvesali | €8 | English | 95 min

By day Blue works as a mechanic, but at night he is the mic controller at a South West London dance hall. Babylon follows Blue and his friends in the sound system crew, as they are on their way to the finals of a sound clash reggae music competition. The fictional movie captures the trials and tribulations of the black youth in 80s London in a realistic and gritty way.

Including music from reggae legends such as Aswad, Dennis Bovell and Yabby You, this controversial cult classic is considered to be the great U.K. reggae movie! Released in the year 1980 in Britain, it took 39 years for Babylon to be released in the United States. Now the film will finally be seen in Finland as well!

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