Nobody meets your eyes

Saturday, August 27 18:00 | Studio | €10 | Finnish / English subtitles | 65 min

The Louis Le Prince syndrome makes a person invisible to the naked eye. Every year, millions of new ’invisibles’ are born. The cause is unknown.

All around us there lives a group of ’invisibles’, people who can only be seen via a camera. Tuomas is a single parent whose daughter is the only person in the world who can see him without a camera. Ninni is a young woman in an emerging online relationship who meets her crush for the first time IRL. In combination with these parallel stories, the film uses street footage and testimonies from other ’invisibles’ to reflect on themes of loneliness, visibility and perception. Our world is exposed as one where the prosaic and the poetic, the factual and the imaginary, live together.

Nobody meets your eyes is the only Finnish feature film that got selected to the International Film Festival Rotterdam this year. Director Jesse Jalonen filmed the movie with a 2010 Nokia C5-cellphone. Jalonen bought the phone over ten years ago and the gritty image quality made an impression on him. Jalonen decided to use the cellphone for the film since the image quality reminded him of 8mm film and the phone was easy to take anywhere and he could have it with him all the time. Documentary and fiction merge in this film, that is a delicate story about our core loneliness, hope to connect with one another and the wish to be seen.