Martin de Thurah Retrospective

Saturday, August 27 15:00 | Valvesali | €5

At midnight on New Year’s eve of 2005, Martin de Thurah made a promise to himself to try working on his own film projects. Only a week later he was asked to direct a music video. He took a chance, which led to a career in music videos.

Martin de Thurah is a world-renowed graduate of Danske Filme Skolen. De Thurah is a screenwriter, director, photographer and a painter. He has worked with famous artists such as Kanye West, St. Vincent & David Byrne and James Blake. The multi-talented director is known for the dream-like ambiance in his work. On top of his music videos, de Thurah has also received accolades for his work in advertisement. At OMVF he will showcase selected highlights of his career from his monumental videography.

The screening is organized with the support of Finnish-Danish culture fund.