Let me know how you feel

Sunday, August 28 13:00 | Studio | €5 | 34 min

Short films from here and around the world

The second short film screening of the festival dives into lust, loneliness and the messiness of sexuality through colorful and juicy animation. Bass pulsates in a bar as snake-like dildos jump around us, we learn to set boundaries, wander in an absurd forest, look for the perfect lover and reflect on the meaningful conflicts of life. This all culminates into the words that we should hear more often: Let me know how you feel. We can guarantee you after Open Night those words will be stuck in your head like a melody! Look inside and dance your feelings off!

Screening consists of the following movies:
Eating in the Dark (Inari Sirola, UK, 2020)
Slug Life (Sophie Koko Gate, UK, 2019)
Precautionary Measure (Lizzy Deacon & Ika Schwander, NL, 2021)
Opening Night (Margaret Bialis, US, 2019)