Kalevi Suopursu Karaoke Show

Saturday, August 27 17:00 | STUDIO | €8 | Finnish / English subtitles | 25 min

Kalevi Suopursu Karaoke Show is a documentary on the busy bee of the Finnish music video scene, whose legendary Saab is known by all! Festival visitors might recognize Suopursu’s name from the festival, since he has won two Pumpeli awards and VHS-Club held a workshop at the 2019 festival!

The documentary follows VHS Club for a day as Kalevi Suopursu and his friends go from pub to pub in Tampere. They bring with them a Saab full of CRT TV’s, VHS cassettes and karaoke machines. TV screens are ready for the local ice hockey team Tappara’s game, but the glitching cathode-ray tube glow creates an alternate karaoke reality. The film shows how karaoke brings people together, and creates a community that has its foundation in joy.