Saturday, August 27 13:00 | Valvesali | €5

JIRINA rose to the top directors of the Finnish music video field with her debut direction for Erika Vikman’s Syntisten pöytä. A daughter of a fortune teller, JIRINA didn’t need to gaze into her mother’s crystal ball to know where she was headed. At the age of 12, she began pursuing photography and immediately fell in love with working with people and creating breathtaking photographs.

JIRINA has a BA in Photography from the Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Arts. During her career she has worked both in the UK and Finland.

In her work, she enjoys creating visual worlds and moods together with other visionary creatives. With her colorful and provocative style, she is an experimentalist at heart, and loves to strike her viewers with awe. Her work is all about movement and connection, strong and vivid colors, and intense expressions. As a versatile photographer, JIRINA does not shy away from goofiness. Everything needs a pinch of the absurd!

For JIRINA, art is an escapist trip from, or a gritty parody of, reality. Exploring gender and sexuality is the primary focus in her art.

At Oulu Music Video Festival JIRINA will present her work as a music video director and photographer. We will dive into the safer space practices on set and dwell on the question of how to brand yourself as a director, without forgetting how JIRINA creates her colorful and cutting-edge music videos and photographs.

The screening is held as a collaboration with Oulun Energia.