Dxxxa D

Saturday, August 27 | 45 Special | Pre-sale tickets from 45 €13,50 / Tiketti €15 | Tickets from the door €17,50

In his music Dxxxa D combines spoken word with rhythmic exploration and Finnish rap music. His poetry travels in the realms of black humor and magical realism and deals with the weirdness of being human.

Rhythm has always been an inseparable part of Dxxxa’s poetry. His beautiful yet steamy soundscapes vary from beatboxed rhythms to lo-fi beats from a dictaphone all the way to ultra-stylish low-frequency beats.

In bands and as a solo artist Dxxxa D has released over 20 full-length albums. Dxxxa D & Hzzzt’s new album Ns tie will be released in June 2022.