Care Package Art Exhibition

August 4–28 | Valvegallery | Free entry

Oulu Music Video festival’s modern art exhibit is a continuation of the festival theme of Caring.

The exhibition includes art from 12 artists and has been curated by Ansku Nousiainen, who describes the theme of the festival and exhibition as follows: “Before the pandemic hit I had thought about the themes of recovery and softness. The last years have proven to be globally darker than we would have hoped, and calls for help from people and nature have amplified. The world around us is unfortunately not yet recovering and it feels like we are going from crisis to crisis. This is exactly why I believe we need more caring and radical softness than ever, both on a societal and communal level as well as on a personal level”.

The exhibit includes art from paintings to sculptures and videos to podcasts. The exhibited work explore identity, recovery, feelings and the essence of softness. Beauty and the safety of melancholy meet the dystopian world and absurd humor

The world is hectic, hard and everything but merciful. It is strength to be sensitive and radical to live a soft life.

Aatos Ketvel
Athiey Mamer
Caroline Suinner
Emma Thomas
Evi Tarleena Rinkinen
Helmi Padatsu
Joel Slotte
Laura Nevanperä
Liisa Tarleena Öhman
Iina Honkala
Suvi Verna Tervaharju
Taika Mannila

Anna-Mari ‘Ansku’ Nousiainen