AGWC Carte Blanche

Thursday, August 25 15:00 | Valvesali | €5

“Greetings! I was asked to curate a program for this year’s Carte Blanche-music video selection for the Oulu Music Video Festival and I am pretty excited for this opportunity. This eclectic mix of music videos are all personal favorites of mine for various reasons. Ranging from the first music video I remember seeing as a child to another that brings up a swell of memories of my time spent in Oulu…each of these videos evoke a memory of my past. They also remind me of the power of music, visual art and the power of combining the two to create and spread joy. Thank you for joining me and for allowing me to share these intimate memories with you all through these personal favorite music videos of mine.” -Justin Howard

Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard, also known as the people’s mayor of Oulu and the champion of champions of competitive air guitar, is thrilled to be back in Oulu. The place he considers to be a spiritual home of his and the training grounds where he’s learned to live his life through magic and love.