The competition videos for 2020 have been released!

This year, 295 videos arrived in the national competition series of the Oulu Music Video Festival, of which 90 videos were selected for the competition series. The competition videos can be found at http://omvf.net/pages/kotimainen-kilpailu and the showcase videos at http://omvf.net/pages/kotimainen-katselmus.

Anna-Mari Nousiainen, the artistic director of the Oulu Music Video Festival, comments on the level of the competition as follows: “The range sent was wide and styles were represented from archive material videos to visual EPs. The digital world is also becoming established in music video and more 3D modeling was seen than in previous years. The technical level of music videos has been established high, but unique ideas are always needed. Making music videos is a play of rhythm and detail, and it’s awesome to see works where the pieces snap into place. It’s wonderful to witness how music videos can create alternative realities around it! ”

This year, the Oulu Music Video Festival will be held through the internet, and all videos submitted to the competition will be available for viewing through the festival’s website during the month of August. The themes of the competition divisions are Actinium, Bromine, California, Dysprosium, Fluorine, Mercury, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Ununennium and Tungsten. “The videos of the national competition series have been divided by elements in line with this year’s festival theme Dark Matter. The screenings illustrate the building blocks of our universe and the combinations they form in Finnish music videos ” Nousiainen says of the screenings.

This year, the judging panel of the Oulu Music Video Festival’s 2020 competition series includes director Teemu Niukkanen, sound designer, musician and music video director Arttu Hokkanen, and director and deejay Malin Nyqvist. The directors of the videos of the domestic competition will compete for the main prize Kultapumpeli, to the winner of which Oulu Music Video Festival will present a grand prize of 1,500 euros. The most promising young director will be rewarded with Toast Post’s color grading time and the Teinipumpeli, the best description with Valofirma and Kamerafirma’s equipment rental prize and the Linssipumpeli, as well as the most deserving afterwork with Postpumpeli and a relaxing festival trip to the 2021 festival and Oulu Floats gift card. In addition, the jury will award four directors with honorable mentions. All videos submitted to the competition will also participate in the vote for the audience award, or Kansanpumpeli, and the Music Promotion Foundation MES will award the 1,000 euro Music Video Promotion Award to the person who has done the most to further Finnish music video.