Fri-Sat 26–27/8/2016
Radisson Blu (Hallituskatu 1) & 45 Special (Saaristonkatu 12)
Tickets: 27,50/42,50 € – Age limit 18

Pimeä Festival will be held 26–27/8/2016 in association with Oulu Music Video Festival in 45 Special and Radisson Blu Hotel. 14 interesting, alternative and urban artists perform at the two-day festival. Presale tickets for Pimeä Festival are available from Tiketti.



45 Special


Jukka Nousiainen

Jukka Nousiainen (also known by the stage name Rapa) is a Finnish musician known as the lead vocalist for the band Räjäyttäjät and from the band Jukka ja Jytämimmit. In 2016 Jukka Nousiainen released his self-titled sophomore solo album.

Joose Keskitalo

The singer-songwriter who originates from Savonlinna is known for his unique stage presence and harsh lyrics. Typical topics for the artist include the end of the world, death, freedom, moonshine and demonic posessions.

Death Hawks

Hailing from Riihimäki Death Hawks, the ambassadors of psychedelic rock, won critics and the public over on their 2012 debut album Death and Decay. Death Hawks combine the 1970s krautrock sound with psychedelia and hypnotic, shamanistic rhythms.

Radisson Blu


Kani (birth name Abdikani Hussein) is a Finnish rap artist. In 2016 Kani released the song Lei featuring Reino Nordin, Kube, VilleGalle and Stig among others.

Elias Gould

Elias Gould is an indie rock singer-songwriter from Helsinki. His debut single Huvilakatu was released in 2015.

Reino Nordin

Reino Nordin started a new chapter in his career when he signed to PME Records in the fall of 2015. Nordin moved from the the reggae influenced sound of his earlier work to modern pop sound on the single Puhu vaan earning the first gold record of his career.


Yona's music seamlessly combines influences from jazz, folk and hip-hop. Her effortless charm has won the Finnish public over and will surely be one of the festival's highlights!

DJ Evil Stö

Late night atmosphere will be delivered by DJ Evil Stö. DJ Evil Stö is the disc jockey alter ego of the Finnish rapper Eevil Stöö who was once voted as the best rapper in Finland.

45 Special


Risto is a Finnish rock band. In 2013 Risto released album II for which the frontman Risto Ylihärsilä was awarded by Finnish Composers' Copyright Society Teosto for innovative and original artistic work.


Hopeajärvi is a Finnish rock quartet who are inspired by both old school noise rock and cult classics of Finnish rock music.

Teksti-TV 666

Hailing from Helsinki, Teksti-TV 666 has become one of the most interesting musical acts from Finland in the last few years. The band has not one, not two, but three guitarists who all play as loud as they can.

Radisson Blu

Töölön ketterä

Töölön Ketterä is the combination of rapper Matti 8 and producer Handshaking. Their music is a mixture of grime music and pop influences blended together with unique production and the skillful flow of Matti 8.

Tommishock & Kalifornia-Keke

Previously collaborating in the cult rap group Ruger Hauer, Tommishock and Kalifornia-Keke decided to go duo. Their EP "Rotaatio" is quality mechanical music for sweaty nights.


Khid has worked under several aliases. The multi-talented  rapper/producer released his newest album "Ohi" this year. On top of his solo work, Khid has produced for several acclaimed rappers such as Paperi T, Tuuttimökrö and Eevil Stöö.