The Oulu Music Video Festival was held for the 24th time.

The Oulu Music Video Festival was held for the 24th time. 4800 people visited the festival.

397 music videos were sent to the music video competition. They were all screened at Valve and Snooker Time. The festival also included popular screenings of music themed documentaries such as Whitney: Can I Be Me, Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World and Eput

The festival culminated at the Pumpeligala awards gala where the winners were the main prize, Kultapumpeli, was won by Perttu Saksa for his video for Huoratron's XXIV Crimes of Love. The most promising new director's prize, the Teinipumpeli award, was won by Onni Nieminen for his video for 23:23 – Faraway Island.

The Linssipumpeli award for best filming was won by Tuomas Järvelä for his video for Olavi Uusivirta's Kultaa Hiuksissa video. The Postpumpeli award for best editing and post production was won by Cristal Snow for his video for Pete Parkkonen's Kohta sataa song.

The people's choice award, Kansanpumpeli, was won by Rauli Ylitalo for her video for Turmion Kätilöt - Dance Panique. The Kansanpumpeli award was open for the public to vote for and 1836 votes were cast. All 397 videos were in the competition for the award.

Perttu Saksa was awarded 2500 euros. Panasonic awarded the winner of the Teinipumpeli, Onni Nieminen, a Lumix -video camera. Toast Post awarded the Kansanpumpeli winner color grading time.

Honorable mentiones were awarded as follows:
1. Lari Tarvainen (Eevil Stöö – Oon Eazy E)
2. Juha Ilmari Laine (Roby – Waterfalls
3. Simo Liukka (F.U.N.C. - Nectar)
4. Veli-Matti Torkko ja Jyrki Pyörnilä (Lasane! – Ruutu)

The Oulu Music Video Festival will be held for the 25th time from the 23rd to the 26th of August 2018.

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