Oulu Music Video Festival takes its' audience for a trip around the world

Oulu Music Video Festival (OMVF) has released its full programme. The festival takes a cinematographic journey around the globe, visiting such places as Iran through Pakistan, Japan and USA all the way to Brazil. Social issues are strongly present in the special screenings, movies and the Finnish Music Video Contest. 

The special screenings and movies deal with a variety of political and current topics. Raving Iran follows two Iranian DJs, Arash and Anoosh struggling in the underground techno scene of Tehran. Exhausted with the situation in which they can be arrested any given day, the duo dreams of escape to Europe. The movie takes the viewer inside the plight of two individuals and shines a light on the motives of one group of refugees.

The Zeitgeist-screening and Finnish Music Video Contest screening Kuvia Suomesta deal with social issues but from different perspectives. Kuvia Suomesta (Images of Finland) takes the audience for a trip to Finland’s current state of mind, while Zeitgeist dives into subjects such as the refugee crisis, racism and police brutality.

The tender, honest and genuine documentary film Strike a Pose takes the viewer back to a defining moment in the history of pop music and reveals the young men who invented the vogue dance style. The shameless, yet funny documentary Inside the Mind of Favela Funk dives deep in to the heart of the violent favelas in Rio de Janeiro and the musical style characterized by extremely pornographic and sexist lyrics. Both screenings include a dance performance by purveyors of the dance styles introduced in the movies.

Berlin: Symphony of a Great City is a poetic master piece by Walther Ruttman that will take your breath away. The visual fireworks in the film paint a picture of the lively post-depression Berlin street scene. The movie, originally released in 1927, will be accompanied by a live electronic music performance by Aki Latvamäki.

Pimeä Festival will be held for the first at Radisson Blu Hotel. 13 interesting, alternative and urban artists perform at the two-day festival. Artists include Reino Nordin, Elias Gould, Töölön Ketterä and KANi. The music festival is part of Oulu Music Video Film festival’s programme.

The main venue of OMVF is Cultural Centre Valve. Screenings of the Finnish Music Video Contest will take place at Valve and Snooker Time where altogether 349 new Finnish music videos will be projected onto the silver screen. The winners of the contest will be awarded at the Pumpeli Gala on 27 August at Toivo Restaurant in Radisson Blu Hotel Oulu.

The Oulu Music Video Festival is a part of the Oulu August Festival and it will take place 24–28 August. The full schedule will be published on the 5th of August. Tickets are available from the ticket office in the Cultural Centre Valve (open from Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00–19:00). Tickets to the Pumpeli Gala will be also available from Ticketmaster (http://www.ticketmaster.fi).

The complete festival programme can be found in: http://www.omvf.net/en

Press photos: http://www.omvf.net/en/press/gallery

For more information contact:
Juhani Oivo
Executive Producer
Oulu Music Video Festival
+35845 651 6596


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