The Celebration of Music Videos Begins

The 19th Oulu Music Video Festival celebrates the sacred union of music and moving picutre in 22-26 August 2012. The Finnish Music Video Contest received a record-breaking number of entries this year: altogether 262 videos are competing over the main prizes. OMVF proudly presents the freshest videos on silver screen in 21 screenings, that all will be presented three times during the festival. 

The special screening programme is devoted to sustainable music to give a reminder that even though the industry is still struggling with the digi age issues, the passion for music remains as a mainstay of pop culture. The festival celebrates the 40th anniversary of Ziggy Stardust with a collection of David Bowie classics, and presents Finnish artist, directors and other pop enthusiasts who have truly devoted to their agenda. Not to mention the festival clubs that bring the hot and upcoming Finnish bands to their first appearences in Oulu.

This year OMVF decided to revolutionize its most sacred institution by publishing some details on the town’s best kept secret, Pumpeli Award Gala. Despite the radical change the main purpose of the gala survives: It’s the ultimate party of the finest Finnish music videos. We wish you the most enjoyable festival – Welcome!