Oulu Music Video Festival Divides in Two

To practice what it has been preaching for 17 years, Oulu Music Video Festival will now solely concentrate on bringing you the best music videos every August. The International Music Film Contest MusiXine has grown into an individual event and has been re-scheduled to February. By separating these two events OMVF will now give both music videos and films what they deserve: better opportunities to be seen.

Even More Music Videos in August

With more than hundred music videos submitted to the Finnish Music Video Contest annually, Oulu Music Video Festival has the challenging task to choose the most dashing videos and award them at the frenzy of Pumpeli Award Gala. Special Screenings programme seeks out the latest trends and dives into the music filled media memory of humankind by showcasing the hottest video retrospectives both by artists and directors, as well as international music video prehistory. OMVF also offers other events from Silakka Clubs to Air Guitar World Championships on 25-29 August.

Music Films, Education and Snowy Activities

MusiXine International Music Film Contest will expand into an individual music film festival including special screenings and educational seminars in February 2011. In addition to having access to the most interesting music films from all around the world, the festival audience will have a chance to experience the exotic Finnish winter in sparkling white Oulu. OMVF aims to develop the audio visual education by offering lectures and seminars in cooperation with local educational institutions and film & video professionals during both festivals.

The MusiXine 2011 submission opens in October, stay tuned for more information.

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