Oulu Music Video Association continued the tradition from the previous year. Therefore, OMVF held two events in 2012, music film festival MusiXine in March and Oulu Music Video Festival in August.

19th Oulu Music Video Festivals were held in 22.-26.8.2012. OMVF’s video and movie screenings, live clubs as well as the electronic music festival Time Tunnel gathered a total of 4 500 visitors during five event days. From special screenings, the top programs were the David Bowie screening and Velinen Sunnuntai, Retrospective of Medialouhos and Olavi Uusivirta Carte Blanche. Traditionally Finnish Music Video Contest screenings attracted the visitors in great numbers. This year the Air Guitar World Championships were held in Rotuaari and gathered roughly 5 500 visitors. 

Finnish Music Video Contest

In Finnish Music Video Contest, all time record, 262 videos were seen in the contest. Jury: Project Manager of Filmikaari Anne Laurila, Director-Actor Lauri Nurkse, Reporter of Videovilkaisu-column in Rumba-magazine Mikael Helenius.

Golden Pumpeli: Pariisin Kevät: Kesäyö, Director: Hannu Aukia
Teen Pumpeli: Puhti: Sipiläs, Director: Tommi Kainulainen
People’s Pumpeli: Stam1na: Valtiaan uudet vaateet, Director: Tuomas Petsalo

Honorary Mentions:
Huoratron – Cryptocracy, Director: Lauri Warsta
Von Hertzen Brothers – Always Been Right, Director: Nazal Delay
Chisu – Kohtalon oma, Director: Misko Iho
Streak and the Raven – Speed of Light, Director: Otto Kylmälä
Stam1na – Puolikas Ihminen, Director: Jouni Kallio
Mirel Wagner – No Death, Director: Aki Roukala

Special Screenings:

40 years of Ziggy Stardust - David Bowien screenings / Medialouhos Retrospective / Olavi Uusivirta Carte Blanche / Velinen sunnuntai /Keep the Car Running! – Audience contest’s winner screening / Finnish Rap Retrospective / Nordisk Panorama presents / LestaTV loves Silakka / premier of Hittivideo-workshop

Clubs (45 Special & Never Grow Old):

Hermanni Turkki / Kiki Pau / Tolbiac / Full Clip Never Grow Old Invazion: Olli PA & Jay Yo / Dj Diego / Dj Jömppe / Dj J-Honey


MusiXine was held for the second time as its own event in 21.-23.3.2012. 1 300 people visited MusiXine within the three event days. The program contained e.g. spring’s top document The Punk Syndrome, Loputon Ghennan liekki, Last Days Here and From the Sky Down. Finnish Burning Hearts and Death Hawks performed in the live clubs.


The Punk Syndrome / Inni / The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of José Gonzáléz / Backyard / Loputon Gehennan liekki / I Am My Own Dolly Parton / Kusin Al Fakir / Last Days Here / High on Hope / Ibiza Occident / Hit Me with Music / The Swell Season / From the Sky Down / The Chemical Brothers: Don't Think / When The Drum Is Beating / Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest / Ilosaarirock - 40 vuotta säkällä / Nordisk Panorama presents: Kato huvikses – short movies / Sjung hoppfallerallalej! –music quiz

Air Guitar World Championships

In Air Guitar World Championships historically unusual turn in the finals was seen, when American Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard, who got through to the finals from Thursday’s eliminations, narrowly won the championship. The finals of the contest moved to the heart of the city in Rotuaari and attracted plenty of visitors. Due to the large amount of visitors, the event site was closed from time to time. The joyful carnival started the OMVF weekend with cold weather yet with cheerful atmosphere.

Air Guitar World Championships results 2012:
1. Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard, 34,6 (US)
2. Matt "Airistotle" Burns, 34,4 (US)
3. Theun "Tremelo Theun" de Jong, 34,3 (NL)
4. Andro "The Void" Urb, 34,2 (EE)
5. Jaakko "The Colossal" Härkönen, 33,5 (FI)
6. Takehito "Choco Bat Ukai" Saito, 33,4 (JP)
7. Ephraim "The Fame Flame" Noer, 33,3 (DK)
7. Veronika "Like Ever Gin" Müllerova, 33,3 (CZ)
7. Corentin "AirGus" Fermont, 33,3 (BE)
8. Aline "Devil's Niece" Westphal, 32,8 (DE)
9. Vincent "V-Snyder" Bekaert, 16,4 (FR)
9. Jonathan "Juan Nightstand" Morales 16,4 (UK)
10. Quinten "The Great PretendAir" Rutgers 16,3 (NL)
11. Jan "Geeky Gisbert" Fischer 16,2 (DE)
11. Marie "Moldy Peach" von Borstel 16,2 (DE)
11. Artem "Olympian" Chernov 16,2 (RU)
12. Raphaël "Willy Wantmore" Monnanteuil 16,1 (BE)
12. Bryan "Telerockbies" Antoine 16,1 (BE)