In 2011 OMVF arranged two separate events: music film festival MusiXine as its own event in March and Oulu Music Video Festival traditionally in August.

Music video festival’s video and movie screenings together with live clubs and electronic music event Time Tunnel attracted, during the five event days, roughly 5 000 visitors. Special screenings presented the more colorful side of the music. The top favorite, standing out from the program, was Queen-screenings. In addition, Danny retrospective and colorful electro-videos screenings attracted the audience. Traditionally, music video folks were seen in great numbers in Finnish Music Video Contest’s screenings. Air Guitar World Championships together with sideline programs gathered about 7 000 visitors in total.

Finnish Music Video Contest

In Finnish Music Video Contest massive amount of 208 videos were seen. Jury: Commercial and Film Director Pete Riski, Reporter Veli Kauppinen (YleX) and Editor in Chief of Inferno-magazine Matti Riekki.

Golden Pumpeli: Olavi Uusivirta – Sydänmaa, Director: Henna Riikonen
Teen Pumpeli: Juju – Loppu, Director: Joona Sarisalmi
People’s Pumpeli: Stam1na – Yhdeksän tien päät, Director: Jouni Kallio

Honorary Mentions:
Manboy – How It Hurts, Director: Teemu Niukkanen
SMC Lähiörotat – Yks risti kaks, Director: Jukka Metsäaho & Jaakko Itäaho
CMX – Auringon kultainen kaupunki, Director: Hannu Aukia
Haloo Helsinki! – Kokeile minua, Director: Misko Iho
Husky Rescue – Fast Lane, Director: Antony Bentley
Zebra and Snake – Big Bad Drummer, Director: Juho Risto Aukusti Lähdesmäki

Special Screenings:

Queen – screenings / Miikka Lommi Retrospective / Danny Retrospective / Rock Your Body with the Right Stuff, Babe! – The best of boy band videos / Anssi Kasitonni – short movies / Colorful electronic videos / Mustakin on väri – flashiest metal videos / MusiXine 2011 – winner: Beats of Freedom

Clubs (45 Special & Never Grow Old):

Super Janne / Shine 2009 / Ewert and The Two Dragons (EE) / Airnadette / NGO Presents: The Syrians / DJ Temetsi plays Finnish jazz/soul/funk/pop/prog/iskelmä / Reggae Music Galore in NGO, hosted by Mofayah Sounds / Whatever Works Club: Dj Rap one & co

Air Guitar World Championships:

Air Guitar World Championships together with sideline program gathered roughly 7 000 visitors. Internet streaming of the contest was followed by gorgeous amount of 15 000 viewers around the world. For the first time in a long time, the contest had a female champion when German Aline “The Devil’s Niece” Westphal won the championship in Friday 26th of August in Torinranta, Oulu.

Air Guitar World Championships 2011:

1. Aline "The Devil's Niece" Westphal 34.4 (DE)
2. Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard 34.1 (US)
3. Veronica "Like Ever Gin" Mullerova 33.8 (CZ)
4. Soraya "Eva Gina Runner" Garlenq 33.6 (FRA)
5. Albert "L-Bird" Chuah 33.0 (MY)
6. Sylvain "Günther Love" Quimene 32.9 (FRA)
7. Kereel "Your Daddy" Blumenkrantz 32.5 (RU)
8. Kate "Zero Prospects" Gray 32.4 (UK)
9. Kevin "Narvalwaker" Leloux 32.3 (BE)
10. Guy "The Bandit" Thompson 31.9 (UK)
11. Fausto "Heavyer Dannair" Carraro 15.8 (BR)
12. Rezo "Baron-horsestealer" Gamrekelidze 15.7 (UA)
12. Andro "Range-Air Estoned" Urb 15.7 (EE)
13. Deku "Lose Control" Chan 15.5 (IE)
13. Jaakko "Colossal" Härkönen 15.5 (FI)
14. Jan "Geeky Gisbert" Fischer 15.3 (DE)
14. Corentin "Airgus" Fermont 15.3 (BE)
15. Chelsie "Cannonballmavin" Jangord 15.1 (US)