Oulu Music Video Festival celebrated its 15th anniversary on 20-24 August 2008. The birthday programme included metal, musicals, film classics and girl power, altogether 109 screenings.

The most popular events of 2008 were the nights in the Festival Tent on Lammassaari island: five tent nights gathered together over 4000 festival-goers. The audience favourite was the Night of the Arts and its evening event on festival Thursday. The week of the Festival Tent ended gloriously to the Finland themed Pumpeli Award Gala on Saturday. All and all, the Festival Tent production was reminisced with warmth long after the festival and gathered a lot of positive feedback as a new culture arena in the city.

The Finnish Music Video Contest presented 154 new videos. The music video fans got also to vote for their favourite for the first time online: the number of votes for the People's Pumpeli Award climbed up to over 3000. MusiXine International Music Film Contest also saw its second year with eight films in its selection. The main award went to director Jouko Aaltonen and his punk documentary Punksters & Youngsters.

Besides the action on screen, the 13th edition of the Air Guitar World Championships rocked on at the Oulu Marketplace. The title of the world champion went to the United States when the main award, the Finnish hand-made Flyin Finn guitar was handed out to Craig "Hot Lixx Hulahan" Billmeier. The great outdoor event was also spiced up with Finnish artists Chisu and Maj Karma.

Oulu Music Video Festival gathered an audience of 9000.

Finnish Music Video Contest

Jury: Sricptwriter and Director Elias Koskimies, VJ, businesswoman and a friend of good food Meri-Tuuli Lindström and Juha Hanhinen, who won the music video critic contest of MTV Finland.


Golden Pumpeli: Kallio, Jouni - Stam1na: Lääke (Medialouhos)
Teen Pumpeli: Spiik, Magdalena - The Gambit: Snake Styles (The Gambit for Queen Gambit Laboratoir)
People's Pumpeli: Harju, Stobe - Nightwish: The Islander (Lapland Studio)

Honorary Mentions

Taival , Jotti - The Millioners: Body Into Use (KHY Suomen Musiikki)
Las Palmas - Huoratron: $$ Troopers (Las Palmas Films)
Mennander, Henrik - Iiwanajulma: Absinttia (UHO Productions)
My Lovin' Martian - Pintandwefall: Somewhere I'd Be Worshipped (GAEA Records)
Kemppainen, Jussi - Pooma: Snow (Studio Kombo)
Pete Veijalainen - Stig Dogg: VadelmaSuklaa (Woodpeckerfilm)

MusiXine International Music Film Contest

Jury: Film Producer Ulla Simonen, Director and Producer Kasper Collin and Festival Director John Caulkins

MusiXine Selection 2008: Electro / It's Hard to Be a Rock ‘n Roller / Joaquin Sabina - 19 dias y 500 noches (19 Days and 500 Nights) / Punk - Tauti joka ei tapa (Punksters & Youngsters) / Der Rote Elvis (The Red Elvis) / Sanctuary: Lisa Gerrard / Scott Wlaker - 30 Century Man / Sonic Youth: Sleeping Night Awake

Special Screenings

Global Metal / Metal: A Headbanger's Journey / Full Metal Village / Air Guitar Nation / Get Thrashed: The Story of Thrash Metal / MTV Headbanger's Ball / Red Curtain Trilogy by Baz Luhrmann: Strictly Ball room, Romeo + Juliet & Moulin Rouge! / Hair / Kabhie Khushi, Kabhie Gham (Ilon päiviä, surun päiviä) / Om Shanti Om / Girls Rock! / Om Gud vill / Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing! / Acid Cinema: The Jolly Scoundrel / ValveT Underground / Beautiful Losers / Good Copy, Bad Copy / Ympyrä (Saturnus Reality) / Sounds Like Suomi / Electronica Videos / Daydream Nation / Gay and Lesbian Videos / Revolver Animation / This Is Spinal Tap/ Golde Oldies I, II & US Golden Oldies / Video Classics / The Finnish Video Classics / The International Video Classics / The Pumpeli Awarded Videos 1994-2007

Air Guitar World Championships


1. Craig "Hot Lixx Hulahan" Billmeier (US) 35.5
2. Andel "John Sniffler" Soree (NL) 34.8
3. Cole "Johnny Utah" Manson (CAN) 34.7
4 Francois-Xavier "Master Peace" Phan (FR) 34.4
4. Ichikawa the Rock (JP) 34.4
6. Ochi "Dainoji" Yosuke (JP) 34.2
7. Christian "Heart Buckboard" Sweep (DE) 33.5
8. Clay "Clay Bangers" Connolly (AU) 33.4
8. Daniel "Midnight Moses" Robertson (UK) 33.4
10. Simon "Turak" Edwards (UK) 32.8
11. Carlos Slazenger (GR) 16.6
11. Maxim "Angel of Death" Andro (FIN) 16.6
13. Daniel "Fahnderstruck" Faranna (IT)16.5
13. Terje "Lord Fist" Stephansen (NOR) 16.5
15. Aikyu "Super IQ" Kanagawa (JP) 16.4
16. Dirk "Lord Airness" Lüdi (CH) 16.3
17. Heine "Lord Wolmer" van der Walt (ZA) 16.1
17. Alexander "Devil Seducer" Gott (RU) 16.1
19. Oskari "Knucklefinger" Martimo (FIN) 15.4
20. Aivar Meos (EE) 15.1

Festival Clubs

(45 Special & Never Grow Old)

Jesse / Klaus Thunder & Ukkosmaine / Joose Keskitalo / Plain Ride / Eleanoora Rosenholm / Time Tunnel 2008: Hexstatic - Audiovisual Set (UK), Atomic Hooligan DJ Set (UK), DJ Erkko, DJ Rico Tubbs, Dj Kaasi, DJ Jangler, DJ Jyri-X & DJ Yari

Festival Tent

Kauko Röyhkä & Mikkeli City Orchestra / Jori Hulkkonen 303x10 and His Acid Symphony Orchestra / Poisonblack / Swallow the Sun / Kalmah / Danny Cavanagh (UK) / Night of the Arts - Evening Event / Samuli Putro ilman seuraa / Moto Boy (SWE)