The 14th edition of the Oulu Music Video Festival rocked and rolled again on September 5-9, 2007. The programme featured music on screen and live, with and without guitars. The festival coloured up its programme with punk and politics. The core of it all were the freshest music videos and the newcomer MusiXine International Music Film Contest. The festival exposed the many sides of punk rock and spoke up on social criticism with the voice of music and musicians. The screens were filled with rad music films, videos and some rock nostalgia plus surprising combinations of it all in total 121 screenings.

Besides the Finnish Music Video Contest screenings, the most popular special screening was the Finnish heavy gem Sonata Arctica documentary Songs from the North or Something. The festival audience enjoyed also American Hardcore on HC punk and Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes. Also the retrospective of director collective Las Palmas with its capturing music video pieces found its way to festival-goers' hearts. The festival week was crowned by the sold-out punk spectacle of the Oulu-legend Radiopuhelimet, who accompanied with their music the silent film classic La Chute de la Maison Usher by Jean Epstein and Luis Buñuel.

The Finnish Music Video Contest broke all previous entry records and screened 184 videos, totalling 15 hours of flashy Finnish videos. The contest got its glorious end in the Pumpeli Award Gala, which celebrated the audiovisual art in the form of modern circus. 800 people cheered to the winning videos and surprise artists during the glamorous gala night.

As a cherry on top, MusiXine International Music Film Contest MusiXine celebrated its first year. The MusiXine Main Award went to the Swedish Kasper Collin with his experimental jazz documentary My Name Is Albert Ayler.

Besides audiovisual fireworks, sweat was concentrated at the 12th annual Air Guitar World Championships. The Land of the Rising Sun got a double champion, when the Japanese Ochi "Dainoji" Yosuke air-jammed his way to the victory a second time in a row. The bling-bling glittered to the end of the night, when the stage was taken by the Finnish emo-punk promise Disco Ensemble.

The OMVF 2007 attracted around 10 000 visitors.

Finnish Music Video Contest

Jury: Assistant Music Manager/VoiceTV Jani Kangasniemi, Music Video Commissioner Vez (UK) the jury member selected by the radio station YleX, student Johanna Niemelä

Golden Pumpeli: Las Palmas - Montevideo: Come Clean
Teen Pumpeli: J-M Kenttälä & Petra Pöyliö - Moses Hazy: Suck My Elbow
People's Pumpeli: Las Palmas - Montevideo: Come Clean

Honorary Mentions:
Henrik Mennander - Ruoska: Mies yli laidan
Miikka Lommi - PMMP:Joku raja
Vesa-Matti Vainio - Timo Rautiainen: Outolintu
Kari Salmi & Jenny Rinta-Kanto - Déclassé: Shadows
Veera Luhtala - Pariisin kevät: Samoilla raiteilla
Akseli Tuomivaara - Deep Insight: New Day

MusiXine International Music Film Contest

Jury: Programme Producer/Mirrorball/EIFF Aida LiPera, Director Jappe Päivinen, Editor/ThinkTank on European Film and Film Policies & Education Manager/Glasgow Film Theatre, PhD Emily Munro

MusiXine Selection 2007: Nömadak Tx / Rolling Like a Stone / The Godfather of Disco / Sonic Mirror / My Name Is Albert Ayler / A Winter's Journey / Lone Star Hotel / The Chosen Ones / BerlinSong / The Sounds of Silents

Special Screenings

Too Much Future - Punk in the GDR / Jericho's Echo - Punk in the Holy Land / Afro-Punk / American Hardcore / Refused Are Fucking Dead / Flogging Molly - Whiskey on a Sunday / Kosketuksessa & Näin se tehtiin / Anarchy on the Screen: Finnish and International Punk Videos / We Jam Econo - Story of the Minuteman / Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes / Songs from the North or Something / Lähikuvassa / Las Palmas Retrospective / Sound Mirrors: Videos & Interviews / Radiopuhelimet & La Chute de la Maison Usher / Vene & The Fall of the House of Usher / Oulun Urho

Air Guitar World Championships

Results and points:

1. Ochi "Dainoji" Yosuke, Japan (34,6)
2. Guillaume "Moche Pitt" de Tonquédec, France (34,3)
3. Max "Herr Jaquelin" Heller, Austria (33,9)
4. Christian "Heart Buckboard" Sweep, Germany (33,5)
5. Alessandro "Mystic Barrito" Veletta, Switzerland ( 33,0)
5. Tatsuya " Ichikawa the Rock" Ichikawa, Japan (33,0)
7. Ramon "The Shaking Devil" Compagnoni, Italy (32,4)
8. David "Moreno del Metal" Moreno, Spain (32,3)
8. Hassan "Mr. Hassan" Cordero Terriguez, Mexico (32,3)
10. John "Rootin Tootin Redneck Johno" Gerrand, New Zealand (31,8)
11. Stefan "Bugi" Meier, Switzerland (16,4)
11. Andrew "William Ocean" Litz, USA (16,4)
13. Tom "The T" Vorstius Kruijff, The Netherlands (16,2)
13. Renè Schmidt, Germany (16,2)
15. Kristian "Living Jukebox" Klevberg, Norway (16,0)
16. Wes "Tommy Air Manuel" Roe, Australia (15,9)
16. Gabi "The Hoxton Creeper" Matzeu, UK (15,9)
18. Tim "Glen Airy Glen Rocks" Evans, Canada (15,8)
18. Hilkka "Gore Kitty" Suvanto, Finland (15,8)
20. Petros "Muruth the Barberian" Stathatos, Greece (15,7)

Silakka Clubs

(45 Special, Never Grow Old, AC Willi Sika, Amarillo, Park57, Club Teatria, Time Tunnel/Oulu City Theatre)

Traffic Island / Damn Seagulls / Vox Flatus / Baboon Show / Imatran Voima / DJ Jay-Yo & DJ Jaakko Mattila / Petteri Sariola / Äänijännite / DJ A.L.E.X. / The Soap Pig / Tiina Sanila Band / Detlef Zoo (LV) / Huba / Disco Ensemble / The Pookie Syndrome (SWE) / Unkind / Derrida / DJ Krafty Kuts (UK) / Pepe Deluxé / DJ Infekto / DJ Sam Lainio / DJ:t Kaasi, Sektori, Yari & Juri X