The Oulu Music Video Festival was arranged for the eleventh time on 25 - 29 August 2004. The Finnish Music Video Contest featured 168 videos and the best awards in the sold-out Pumpeli Gala were presented to an animated Sweatmaster video. Northern gloom was fought in the Chrismas spirited Gala with Santa Claus and his reindeer (real one!) at the stage. The video and film programme was crowned by special screenings from France and Canada. Director's Cuts training for professionals and students was organised with the help of a prestigious group of international lecturers, including The French director collective Pleix.

The 9th Air Guitar World Championships and its international qualifying competitions once again brought a large number of foreign contestants and media representatives to Oulu. US Champion Miri Park took home a Flying Finn guitar and an amplifier signed by Brian May. After a blooper in the scoring of the competition was revealed, the Championship was divided, and the prizes were also sent to New Zealand Champion Tarquin K eys. Also the groups The Flaming Sideburns and Lordi performed on the Kuusisaari stage. The acts at the festival clubs featured both famous artists as well as rising talents. The Music Video Festival attracted an audience of 13,500 people.

Finnish Music Video Contest

Jury: Hans-Christian Grimm (Germany), music video and commercial film director student Juuso Syrjä, media student Anissa Margono, and media student Venla Hulkko selected by YleX radio station.


Golden Pumpeli and 2,500 euros donated by Kaleva newspaper: Kalle Kotila & Tomi Malakias - Sweatmaster: Song with no words

Teen Pumpeli: Antti Salminen ja Saija Salonen - Steen 1: Jarden träkki

People's Pumpeli: Kalle Kotila & Tomi Malakias - Sweatmaster: Song with no words

Honorary mentions:

Miikka Lommi - DJ Slow: Keep Moving
Tommi Pietiläinen - The Crash: Still Alive
Pete Veijalainen - Zen Café: Piha ilman sadettajaa
Jani Tolin - Elastinen: Syljen
Hannes Häyhä - Lodger: I Love Death
Miikka Lommi - Husky Rescue: City Lights

Special Screenings

Metallica - Some Kind of Monster / Spike Jonze music videos / Pleix retrospective / French Touch / Cinema pur 1 & 2: Avantgarde Films of the 1920's / Resfest: Cinema Electronica / Interstella 5555. The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem / Radiohead TV: The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of all Time 1-4 / Ron Mann films: Imagine the Sound, Go Further, Grass / A home movie - Documentary film on Supergrass / Imagine Imagine / Wilco - I am Trying to Break your Heart / Pete Veijalainen retrospective / Animated music videos / Experimental music videos / Popcity Oulu 1 & 2 from the archives YLE and OMVF / Nightwish - End of Innocence / Lordi's the Kin

Air Guitar World Championships


1.Tarquin "The Tarkness" Keys (New Zealand) & Miri "Sonyk-Rok" Park (USA)
3. David "C-Diddy" Jung (USA)
4. Takeshi Kongouchi (Japan)
5. Michael "The Destroyer" Heffels (Netherlands)
6. Mike "The Judge" Kaden (Austria)
7. Svein "PuzzyFuzzbourne - The Prostitute of Rock" Kleivane (Norway)
8. Troy "Rock 'n' Roll Troy" Carter (Australia) & Victor Miranda "Viktower Málaga" Garcia (Spain)
10. Garth "Chuck Mung" Donald (USA)
11. Ingo "Ingroove" Schulz (Germany)
12. Ron "Bucketbutt" Van den Branden (Belgium)
13. Thomas "Smell Gibson" Murray (Ireland)
14. Elina "Tarot Woman" Niiranen (Finland)
15. Markku "Albert" Halmesaari (Finland)
16. Eero "Oulun oma poika" Ojala (Finland)

The Flaming Sideburns and Lordi also performed at Kuusisaari.


Out Cold (USA) / The Perishers (SWE) / DJ Soulmeister (GER), Hero Dishonest / Penniless / Puppa J. & Tasottavat / Plutonium 74 / Ultramariini / Morley / Nieminen & Litmanen / Zorro El Forro / Ei Mikko Alatalo plays Mikko Alatalo / Ville Leinonen duo / Jarkko Martikainen duo / Samuli Putro / Tommi Liimatta