The Oulu Music Video Festival celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 27-31 August 2003. A record-breaking number of videos (178 in total) competed in the Finnish Music Video Contest and the sold-out Pumpeli Gala saw the best awards being snatched by a new band and a new video maker. The surprise act of the Pumpeli Gala became the talk of the whole festival. The Oulu War Veterans' Choir performed the popular girl duo Nylon Beat favourite song to a concert hall full of people showing their admiration with a standing ovation. The video programme was honoured with a visit by English directors' collective Shynola. After a one-year break, Director's Cuts training was arranged for professionals and students with a high-class international group of lecturers speaking.

The eighth Air Guitar World Championships and its pre-arranged national competitions around the world brought a number of foreign competitors and media representatives to Oulu. The US Champion took with him a Flying Finn guitar and an amplifier donated by Brian May. On the Kuusisaari stage, Pikku G made the young hip-hop crowd wild, while the legendary Hanoi Rocks appealed to the more adult audience. The club atmosphere was guaranteed with old maestros as well as rising Swedish bands. Time Tunnel filled Restaurant Foxia with a fabulous anniversary show. The Oulu Music Video Festival attracted an audience of 17,000 people.

Finnish Music Video Contest

Jury: Guna Zucika (Latvia, Microphone Records), music video and documentary director Mika Taanila, actress Johanna Rönnlöf and Heidi Räihä.


The Golden Pumpeli and the 2,500 euro main prize donated by Kaleva Newspaper: Hannes Häyhä - Lodger: Doorsteps

The Teenage Pumpeli and a week of Avid editing time: Teemu Niukkanen - Markus Castren: Here with me

The People's Pumpeli: Hannes Häyhä - Lodger: Doorsteps

The Honorary Mentions:

Arn-Henrik Blomqvist - Willycranes: Woops 25
Taku Kaskela - Amorphis: Evil Inside
Kusti Manninen - Fintelligens: En vaihtais päivääkään
Tommi Mattila - Scandinavian Music Group: Ei mun oo hyvä olla yksin
J-P Passi & Tomi Tuomaala - Au Pair: Juhlat
Lauri Warsta, Jouni Karttunen ja Kalle Kotila - Infekto: Miami Treble

Special Screenings

Sh*t from Shynola / Clip Cult (vol. 1) - Exploding Cinema / 24 Hour Party People / Style Wars - Style Wars Revisited / Breath Control - The History of Human Beat Box / Beat Street / Estonian Music Videos / Soundtrack Season 1-4 / One plus One - Sympathy for the Devil / Video Jukebox: the History of Music Video / Musical Shorts From Oulu Film Centre Archives / Absurd Acrobatics: Early Highlights Of Finnish Rock History / Future Is Not What It Used To Be / Music Documentaries by Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE TV1 / Suomi Goes International / Omvf Videocupboard: Pumpeli Awarded Videos, Animated Videos, Heavy Videos and Classics From OMVF Archives

Air Guitar World Championships

Results and points:

1. David C-Diddy" Jung (US) 35.2: Extreme - Play With Me
2. Jordi "Funky Jordi" Nieuwenburg (NED) 34.4
3. Mark "Roxy McStagger" Hadfield (AUS) 34.3
Kris "Stan Kreich" Achten (BEL) 34.3
4. Erkki "Donaldo Galvosukiai" Lilja (FIN) 34.0
Dave "McInroe" Rowlands (NZ) 34.0
5. Marco "Marc Airminator Wolfscorner" Bartolini (AUT) 33.9
6. Andre Ulriksen (NOR) 33.6
7. Dan "Bjorn Turoque" Crane (US) 33.5
8. Mike "The Judge" Kaden (AUT) 33.4
9. Niko "air.alm" Alm (AUT) 32.5
Jussi "Käkkis" Arhinmäki (FIN) 32.5
10. Petri Kalmari (FIN) 31.7
11. Ian "The Red Plectrum" Stafford (UK) 31.6

Live at Kuusisaari: Hanoi Rocks & Pikku G

Silakka Clubs

(45 Special, Rauhala, Never Grow Old)

Isolation Years (SWE) / Hank (SWE) / Mummypowder / Tuomari Nurmio & Tohtori Hillilä / Tulenkantajat / Dashing Waves / The Blaster Master / Tampere Oak Leaf Soundsystem / Aarno Raninen feat. Chicken Grass