The 9th edition of Oulu Music Video Festival flew a flag for Pure Sports. The Finnish Music Video Contest presented 147 music videos, special screenings offered videos and films outside the mainstream from underground rap movies to rarely seen R.E.M. videos. The most popular special screening was the Oulu preview of the film One-way Ticket to Mombasa. The Pumpeli Gala, the awards ceremony for the Finnish Music Video Contest, moved to a bigger venue at Madetoja Music Hall and was sold out by Friday. The Golden Pumpeli award was given to Miikka Lommi, the most international Finnish music video maker. The Air Guitar World Championships were arranged for the seventh time, expanding into a two-day event. For the first time the OMVF granted licenses for national qualifying competitions: official national competitions were organised in Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Austria. The festival lasted from Wednesday till Sunday, bringing together ca. 18,000 visitors.

Finnish Music Video Contest

Jury: Martin Huss (SWE), Antti-Ville Kärjä, Noora Piili ja Hanna Tuominen.


The Golden Pumpeli: Miikka Lommi - Kemopetrol: Goodbye

The Teenage Pumpeli: Lauri Warsta & Jouni Karttunen - Loudtribe: Rocketfuel

The People's Pumpeli: Vesa Rönty - Ruotomieli: Kivinen tie

The Honorary Mentions:

Tommi Pietiläinen - The Crash: Lauren Caught My Eye
Pete Riski - Lordi: Would You Love a Monsterman
Pete Veijalainen - Kotiteollisuus: Rakastaa/ei rakasta
Teemu Nikki - Kemopetrol: Saw It on TV
Jaakko Slotte - The Odorants: This Night
Tommi Karvinen - Iiwana Julma: Tilkkutäkki

Special Screenings

Jem Cohen - Music Works, With an Image / Instrument / Freestyle - The Art of Rhyme / Thoth / Lemmy / Punk + Glory / Dandy / If I Should Fall from Grace - The Shane MacGowan Story / Norwegian Music Videos / Hexstatic (Ninja Tune) / World's Most Outrageous Commercials / Tomi Tuomaala: from Cow to Cow 1994-2002 / Suomi hiphop - Compulsory Course/ One-way Ticket to Mombasa / Cleaning Up! / Public Announcement Films / Hassisen Kone - 20 Years Later

Air Guitar World Championships


1. Zac Monro (UK)
2. Toby Peneha (NZ)
2. Andrew Buckles (CAN)

Live at Kuusisaari: Kapteeni Ä-ni ja Zen Café.

Silakka Clubs

(45 Special, Woodoo, Never Grow Old)

Division of Laura Lee (SWE) / The St-Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review (RUS) / Diversion Blue (NOR) / Kuusumun Profeetta / Hypnomen / Jolly Jumpers / Circle / Selfish Shellfish / Radiopuhelimet / Squaremeat / Stone Cold Sheeit / Jatavi