The Oulu Music Video Festival extended into a full-blooded, international, and cross-disciplinary city festival of the audiovisual field. The Finnish Music Video Contest went as accustomed, the special series covered also other things besides mere music video, Oulu was presented around the world as the Mecca of Air Guitar and various cultural players from Oulu joined forces in escorting a look-alike of the statue of Finnish President UKK from Rotuaari Pedestrian Street to the Gulf of Bothnia.

The festival programme was more versatile and wide, and the number of visitors increased once more: the events of the Oulu Music Video Festival events this year gathered a record-breaking audience of almost 12,000 people.

Finnish Music Video Contest

Jury: Ilkka Mattila, Maiju Leppänen, Piritta Haanperä, Ilkka Lindgren and Olli Estola.


The Golden Pumpeli: Jukka Takalo - Aknestik: Neptunus

The People's Pumpeli: Antti Haaranen/Jaakko Huuki - Tjad & Jasupehmo: Avaruuslimonadi

The Honorary Mentions:

Sökö Kaukoranta - Aki Sirkesalo: Seksuaalista häirintää
Pete Riski - Arto Tamminen: Utopia
Antti Haaranen/Jaakko Huuki - Tjad & Jasupehmo: Avaruuslimonadi
Marko Antila - Waldo: The Look
Hector Abaunza-Canales/Sökö Kaukoranta - Sound of R.E.L.S.: Crazy Music

Special Screenings

Sound & Vision: European History of Music Videos - History of Visual Music - Museum of Postmodern Art - Notes from Underground - An Artist's Advertising Alternatives - Animated Music Videos / Finnish Eurovision Songs 1 & 2 / Pitkänen & Paulaharju Retrospective / Tikka & Moisio Retrospective / A Happy Day in Paradise: Documentary Music Videos / Thank you for the Music - Mika Taanila

Air Guitar World Championships


1. Ville Paakkari (FIN)
2. Jenni Pääskysaari (FIN)
3. Mika Mäntykenttä (FIN)

The band Juustopäät played at Rotuaari Pedestrian Street. The evening ended in a mysterious Kekkonen spectacle, which was kept as much a secret as possible until the very last moment. The festival had ordered Artist Helena Kankaansyrjä to sculpt a look-alike of artist Matias Keskinen's infamous UKK monument. The 400-kilogramme statue was brought out to Rotuaari early on Friday morning for the spectacle that evening. The Kekkonen spectacle was started after a mass karaoke that ended with the shouting choir Mieskuoro Huutajat, by Matti Ollikainen's short documentary about the ruin of Keskinen's statue just before Mihail Gorbachov's visit to Oulu in 1989. After the documentary, archive material about Urho Kekkonen was projected onto the screen, and influential cultural people from Oulu started to gather on Rotuaari, from belly dancers to Teekkaritorvet brass band. Mieskuoro Huutajat began carrying the statue toward the City Hall, and the other people followed, constituting a parade. The Kekkonen spectacle progressed in the form of a big carnival parade under police escort from Rotuaari past the City Hall along Kirkkokatu and Hallituskatu towards the Market Place, continuing to the shore between the City Theatre and Pikisaari Island. The look-alike statue of Kekkonen was launched into the water to drift toward the open sea being tugged forward behind a boat rowed by Mieskuoro Huutajat. An audience of nearly a thousand people followed the statue all the way from Rotuaari to the shore as the brass band played Kotkan ruusu and the Northern lights lit up the sky.

Silakka Clubs (45 Special, Vanha Verneri)

Juustopäät / Aavikko / The Joneses / Radiopuhelimet / Vox Flatus / Acting Bliss / Petri Rainer / Sweetheart / Keuhkot / Submerged / Seppälä