142 new videos were presented in the Finnish Music Video Contest. The festival was widely recognised in the Finnish media. The festival had its first own website on the Internet, with an average of 15 people visiting the pages daily. An audience of 6,000 people followed the festival.

Finnish Music Video Contest

Jury: Kirsti Carlenius, Kirsi Maaninka, Jenni Kinnunen, Pasi Rytinki and Timo Sipilä.


The Golden Pumpeli: Mika Taanila - 22-Pistepirkko: (Just a) Little Bit More

The People's Pumpeli: Tuija Karén - The Leo Bugariloves: Viiden tuulen lakki

The Honorary Mentions:

Heikki Paulaharju/Mikko Pitkänen- The Insult That Made a Man Out of Mac: Underhygiene
Pete Riski - Supperheads: Twentysomething
Heikki Paulaharju/Mikko Pitkänen - Sick Things International: Dive
Eppu Kärki - Waldo: It's About Time
Mika Taanila/Asko Keränen - 22-Pistepirkko: Gimme Some Water
Kimmo Schroderus - Sweetheart: Life Among Cannibals
Anssi Puisto/Tommi Jarva: Werneri Vornan rautasirkus: Ligeia

Special Screenings

MTV Europe Channel Spots / Mika Taanila Retrospective 1991-95 / Juha Tapaninen's Best / Bad Vugum Music Videos / Russian Music Videos / NUTV - Nordic Music Videos / Videos Awarded at the 1994 Festival

Silakka Clubs (Rauhala)

Boney N / Frederiks